Caldwell Adventist® Elementary School

New Students


We are now accepting new students for 2018-19 school year. Students must follow the admissions process listed below before they are eligible to attend our school. Students will be accepted in the order that they apply. All applications are subject to review by our admissions committee. The full 2018-2019 New Student Admissions and Registration packet is below to download. You can also select specific forms below if you only need one form and not the whole registration packet. 

We encourage you to submit your application and $100 deposit by May 31 in order to guarantee your child’s spot for next school year and receive a $50 discount per student on your fall registration fees. Or submit by June 30 (our second early registration deadline) to receive a $25 discount on your registration fees. Some of our larger classrooms fill up quickly so don’t wait till fall to register.

  • Parents must submit a completed application for each student and an application fee of $25 per family before being considered for admission. All fees and tuition rates are set by the School Board. Upon acceptance, the first tuition payment and registration fee must be paid and a financial agreement signed prior to the first day of school.

  • Parents and students must sign and agree to abide by the Student Pledge and the policies set by the school board as written in the School Handbook.

  • All new students must take an entrance exam. The purpose of the testing is to help determine the level of work the prospective student is doing. All testing is to be completed prior to the first day of school.  Returning students are exempt from testing. The definition of returning student is a child who has completed the previous school year at CAES.

  • The total academic record of new students will be reviewed for completeness and compliance with state requirements prior to admission of the student. Home-schooled applicants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Parents need to provide one reference for the student, using the Recommendation Form in the application packet.

  • Parents and students must participate in a personal interview conducted by a school administrator or designated teacher. The interview will be scheduled once all required documents are received.  All applications are subject to review by the admissions committee and may require a second interview. Areas of concern may include financial history, learning disabilities, past interactions, questions with application, etc.

  • To enter PreK, a child must be four and half years of age by September 1.

  • To enter Kindergarten, grade a child must be five years of age by September 1.

Once a student completes the admissions process above and is accepted, they will need to provide the following additional documents or payments prior to starting school. All documents and payments should be submitted to the Business Office.

  •        Must sign a Financial agreement (will be filled out with the Business Manager)

  •        Must pay the first tuition payment and registration fee
  •        Students entering kindergarten (or students entering formal schooling for the first time) must submit a certificate of health from a doctor.
  •        Students transferring from another school must submit a Student Record Release to have their records transferred from their previous school to CAES
  •        Must provide a copy of student’s immunization records or exemption form.
  •        Must provide a copy of a state certified birth certificate
  •        Each student submit a signed Acceptable Technology Use Policy
  •        Parent must sign and submit the Helping Hands Policy
  •        Please submit a separate check for uniform shirts and lunch tickets.
If you are planning to apply for financial aid, we have a new process for applying for 2018-2019. We will again be using a third-party service called Smart Aid that many Adventist schools now use for financial aid. The deadline to apply is August 1. Click here to download the financial aid brochure and begin the process.
We will be submitting an order for uniform shirts on August 1. Those of you who would like to have shirts for the first day of school will need to have your order forms by July 31 for this first order. The order form is in the list below.
Late registration is scheduled for Sunday, August 19 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. To avoid standing in line on that day, you can submit your completed registration forms, registration fee and first month's payment to the business office any time prior to August 16. The first day of school will be Wednesday, August 22.

The business office will be open part-time throughout the summer. To make an appointment, email the Business Manager Deborah Raymond at or leave a message on the school voicemail at (208) 459-4313. 


New Student Admissions & Registration Packet for 2017-2018 (full packet)

Individual Forms (all of these except the calendar are included in the full registration packet above):